An Important Step toward Financial Success 


Patel & Cancino Inc has been providing superior accounting services since 2020. Thanks to our years of experience and consistent professionalism, we have built a reputation as an unparalleled Accounting Firm. Browse our solutions below. 

Business Tax Preparation 

When you choose our team to handle your business Tax Preparation, you receive more than our expertise and insight. You receive professional partners who work tirelessly to minimize your stress and ensure your financial health. 

Financial Planning 

The Patel & Cancino Inc team is dedicated to staying up-to-date on all regulatory and legislative developments, both locally and nationally. When you work with us  you can count on receiving accurate guidance on the state of the economy and impacts to your business.

Strategy Consultation 

Many clients hire us for Strategy Consultation. We pride ourselves on filing all related financial documents on time and keeping you updated every step of the way. Book an introductory session to get started today. 


For individuals and businesses alike, dealing with the minutiae of accounting and financial planning consumes precious moments that could be spent elsewhere. Whether you want to spend more free time with friends and family or focus on strategic decision-making for your business, working with Patel & Cancino Inc. can help.

Since 2020, we have been providing a wide array of financial management services for our clients, freeing them up to enjoy the most rewarding parts of living their lives and running their businesses. Get in touch today to entrust our team with your finances.